Live Updates List


Through the use of Our state of the art KHold'em poker room
management system, I.P.S can ensure up to date information within moments of the action taking place! Our KHold’em software is the best poker room
software available in the world. We use KHold’em to register all players in our membership database and issue them a barcoded membership card. Players
use their membership card to register into tournaments. The IPS staff manage the tournament using hand-held PDA’s where they update chip counts,
change players seating and keep bustouts up to date. The software sends all data straight to the IPS website on our “Live Updates” page.

From the menu on the left, select the tournament you wish to view

 - Redraws
 - Bust outs
 - Seat movements
* Chip counts will also be updated frequently throughout the event.                                       

Live Updates from PokerStars Megastack 2018, Dublin (November).  15th - 18th November 2018